The Last 40 Years

$240 Billion Market

Decades ago, a consumer market was born & rapidly blossomed. Fueled by appetites for entertainment, the now mega market, grew exponentially from zero to achieve a high point presence in over 90% of U.S. households.

In the last several years, compelling & complementary alternatives have sprung up, yet these innovations are not a direct threat & thus do not reflect a true market disruption, as evidenced by over 75% of US households remaining under control of a few very large corporations. These very few continue to dominate service availability & profits on rising prices. This level of dominance over decades has placed a stranglehold on consumer choice & wallets. Watch our Video.

Prepare for Imminent Disruption

Right Time & Product

Each and every year in the U.S.A., over ninety million adults spend billions of dollars on an incredibly popular service. Simultaneously, it's both well-known and highly acknowledged that the overwhelming majority of these same customers describe themselves as dissatisfied or even angry about the cost-to-value they receive. How can this be? The simple answer is a void of comparable choice.

Yet what if there was a choice that was equal to or better in quality & reduced monthly costs. And, what if consumers were rewarded when they simply referred others to what they've discovered? What if this disruption to the status quo, this opportunity was within your grasp? Watch our Video.

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