Q: What do I receive when I become a Family Member of Triniti Communications?

A: You receive the right to represent, refer, earn bonuses & residual income. You also receive 1 Nuclius® Ursa streaming device & no-cost TV programming for a limited time & reduced cost TV programming for lifetime (of membership). Additionally, you receive a referral website, back-office & business tools.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer Live Streaming TV, Cellular & Digital Phone (VoIP). In the near future we'll be adding 5G Wireless Internet (5GTTP) & "skiipping past" fiber optic based network services. We'll soon be a highly impactful Quad-Play provider!

Q: Do you have a video I can view so I can better understand your business opportunity?

A: Yes. Watch the business opportunity video now.

Q: If I "cut my cable cord", what do I sacrifice?

A: Nothing, Nuclius® Live TV service is a "1+ for 1", full replacement for Cable, Satellite and other similar TV services(1). You sacrfice nothing, only gain (1+).

Q: Do I need a Smart TV to use your service?

A: No. Our Nuclius® TV devices make your TV "smart" or "smarter".

Q: Does the Nuclius® Live TV service include local channels?

A: Yes, local channels are currenly available in 80 markets within the USA and coverage will expand.

Q: How do your Nuclius® TV devices or service connect to my TV?

A: Our Nuclius® TV devices connect to the HDMI port on your TV.

Q: What if my TV is older & does not have a HDMI port?

A: In the event your TV does not have a HDMI port, it's extremely likely that it does have composite (red, yellow, white) ports & in this case a HDMI-to-composite adapter is available to facilitate the connection.

Q: Can you deliver 4K UHD streams / pictures?

A: Yes. Our Nuclius® TV devices are upwardly compatible to 4K UHD standards.

Q: How many Nuclius® TV devices do I require?

A: Each TV in active use requires a device.

Q: How does your Nuclius® TV device receive a signal?

A: Our Nuclius® TV devices connect to the WiFi® in your home & receive a video stream over the internet (just like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube).

Q: Where can I use your Nuclius® Live TV service?

A: You can use the Nuclius® Live TV service anywhere you have an internet connection with the quality & capabilty of delivery a contiguous video stream.

Q: Do I receive a remote control with my Nuclius® TV device?

A: Yes, each Nuclius® TV device includes a remote control.

Q: Do your remote controls operate wth voice directives or commands?

A: Yes.

Q: How do i record TV programs?

A: Nuclius® Live TV services includes a cloud-based DVR.

Q: Do you have channels like HBO & Showtime?

A: Yes, absolutlely!

Q: What is the maximum number of TV's that I can connect?

A: Currently, the limit is 5. Yet, recognize that this is a practical limitation based on the capacity of the most common internet connections, home WiFi® networks & not necessarily a physical limitation.


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