Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Answers to common & frequently asked questions are listed below, and organized by Family Members, Networking, Nuclius Live TV, Services & Pricing topics.


Family Members

Q: What do I receive when I choose to become a Family Member of Triniti Communications?
A: Family Members receive free Nuclius Ursa® equipment, free Nuclius® service (for a limited period of time), discounted service prices for life, a referral webpage, back-office, business tools, and the opportunity to earn cash bonuses & recurring residual income for referring new Family Members.

Q: Do you have a video to enable me to better understand your Family Member opportunity?
A: Yes. Please, watch the Share & Earn video.



Q: How does the Nuclius Ursa® receive its signal?
A: The Nuclius Ursa® uses the WiFi® in your home to receive a video stream over the internet (just like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube).

Q: What if I have Internet service but do not have WiFi®?
A USB to RJ-45 (Ethernet) adapter is included with the Nuclius Ursa® to facilitate a wired connection to an Ethernet cable.

Q: What if I do not have Internet service?
A: Unfortunately, no streaming service including Nuclius® can function without an internet service connection.

Q: Is Nuclius® a type of IPTV service?
A: Yes. IPTV services use the Internet to transmit and deliver video signals using IP (Internet Protocol). All internet communications use the IP protocol and IP addressses (identifying a source & destination) to faciltate communication. Streaming is a simplified term representing an IPTV service and its method of communications via the Internet.


Nuclius Live TV

Q: Do I need a Smart TV to make use of the Nuclius® streaming Live TV service?
A: No, a Smart TV is not required. The Nuclius Ursa® makes your TV "smart" or Smart TV "much smarter".

Q: How does the Nuclius Ursa® connect to my TV?
A: The Nuclius Ursa® connects to the HDMI port on your TV

Q: What if my TV is old & does not have a HDMI port?
A: In the event your TV does not have a HDMI port, it's extremely likely that it does have Composite (red, yellow, white) ports & in this case a HDMI-to-Composite adapter (which may be sourced at various consumer electronics outlets) can be used to facilitate a connection to the Nuclius Ursa®

Does the Nuclius® Live TV service include local channels like ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC?
A: Yes, local channels are streamed from 80 major markets in the USA

Q: Do you have premium channels like HBO & Showtime?
A: Yes. See Nuclius channels for our complete channel lineup.

Q: What if I do not require your full complement of channels or a minimal number of channels?
A: Nuclius® offers you the choice of 5 tiers of programming for minimum to maximum choice.

Can I record TV programs?
A: Yes. Nuclius® service includes a cloud-based DVR feature that is instantly familiar.

Q: Will the Nuclius Ursa® deliver 4K UHD signals to my TV
A: Absolutely. The Nuclius Ursa® is upwardly compatible to 4K UHD standards to produce beautiful imagery on your TV.

Q: How many TVs do Nuclius Ursa® devices support?
A: Each TV in active use requires a Nuclius Ursa® device.

Q: Will I receive a remote control with my Nuclius® Ursa?
A: Yes, in fact, each Nuclius Ursa® includes 2 remote controls.

Q: Is becoming a Family Member a requirement to subscribe & watch Nuclius® streaming Live TV?
A: No. Non Family Member subscriptions for the Nuclius® service will become orderable shortly after our upcoming, announced streaming Live TV launch.


Services & Pricing

Q: What services do you offer?
A: Although our primary focus is on Nuclius® video related services & features based on the capabilities of the Nuclius Ursa®, we also offer Spirit℠ Mobile & Genesys® Digital Phone (VoIP). In particular our longtime relationships with wireless carriers, and other Internet service delivery innovators are strategic to our upcoming Destina broadband internet & Divine Fortress home security services. As such, stay tuned for future announcements pertaining to these latter, yet to be formally announced services.

Q: Where can I find prices for Nuclius®, Spirit℠ Mobile & Genesys® Digital Phone?
A: Please visit Triniti Communication for pricing information.