Google has spent a lot of time building an experience for streaming content on your TV. There have been multiple software experiences, and tons of hardware too. Currently, its biggest success has come from the Chromecast, but recent leaks point toward Google possibly trying to evolve that with Android TV. If you ask me, that’s exactly what Google should be doing — let me explain.

Chromecast is a fantastic idea, but not as much in practice

Let’s just cut to the chase — Chromecast isn’t intuitive.

The technology is great, and the idea behind it is futuristic and conceptually easy to use once you understand it. But I think it’s demonstrably not the ideal approach when it comes to the living room. I fully understand and applaud Google’s vision of the future with the Chromecast. It is easier to find content from your phone, and it is easier to keep track of your smartphone or tablet versus a remote control.

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