Nuclius Ursa® connects to the HDMI port on your TV, and using WiFi®, flawlessly streams beautiful 4K Ultra HD imagery. Nuclius Ursa® delivers Live TV as well as hosts supplementary video & music entertainment, browser, and other favorite apps of your choice on a single, unified Android® platform. Let's take a closer look at what's included.

Nuclius Ursa


Looking for Technical Specifications for the Nuclius Ursa®?



When you wisely choose NUCLIUS, you'll receive one or more NUCLIUS hardware kits. Each kit contains the following ten (10) component accessories.

  1. Nuclius Ursa®
  2. an AC-USB power adapter
  3. a USB cable (Full USB to Micro USB)
  4. an external WiFi® antenna
  5. a HDMI extension cable
  6. a Standard Remote Control
  7. an enhanced FlipSyde Remote Control
  8. AAA batteries
  9. an IR Remote Control sensor cable
  10. a USB to Ethernet adapter

Let's now break-down the above components for further explaination & clarity.



The Nuclius Ursa® (#1, above & pictured) is the brain where the magic happens! It connects to your TV to make your TV smart, or your Smart TV even smarter.



The AC to USB adapter (#2) plugs into your electric wall outlet. The USB cable (#3) connects this same AC-USB power adapter (#2) to the Micro USB port on the Nuclius Ursa® (#1).


WiFi® Antenna

The external WiFi® antenna (#4) provides necessary & additional degrees of signal strength when communicating via WiFi® (your wireless network).



Use of the HDMI extension cable (#5) is optional yet provides for additional wiggle-room in the rear of (behind) many TVs. Otherwise you'll connect the Ursa (#1) directly to an available HDMI port on your TV.


Remote Control

Two Remote Controls are included. Why two? The Standard Remote Control (#6) operates all features of Nuclius. The Enhanced FlipSyde Remote Control (#7) includes a full keyboard to best interact when configuration or data input is necessary (user names, passwords, chatting, etc). AAA batteries (#8) are included for your remote control of choice. We suggest that you start with the FlipSyde remote. In the event, you choose to make use of the Standard remote, it'll be necessary to connect the IR cable (#9) to the Ursa (#1).

Simply put, just know that we've covered the bases & that depending on your viewing habits, you'll gravitate to using 1 of the 2 remotes, and that only 1 remote will be necessary for you to enjoy Nuclius.



Use of Ethernet (wired connection to your network) is entirely OPTIONAL. Sometimes a wired connection is just plain necessary in cases where your WiFi coverage or signal is known to be weak. Or, you may already have a Ethernet cable in place, i.e. active network drop. In these instances, a USB to Ethernet adapter (#10) is included.


Really! It's Simple!

No worries! Accessories are easy to connect & plentiful. It's likely that you won't make use of all of them. Yet, for a smooth start, everything is included.