Refer. Earn $100! Repeat.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Welcome! My name is Craig and I'm a Family Member associate at Triniti Communications.

Over the next few minutes, I'll be sharing some incredibly valuable information with you.


Refer, Earn & Repeat. It's easy!

Before we begin to examine the details, I have a quick question to ask.

Do you agree that normal, responsible & intelligent people seek legitimate ways to save money and/or make money?

Yes! Of course, they do.


What We Do

Primarily, we do 3 things.

  • We engineer & build very cool consumer technology.
  • We help people save money.
  • And, we help people make money.

We're a telecommunications company about to revolutionize Live TV & streaming entertainment.

Nuclius TV packaging

Live TV

Currently, there are over 55 million cable & satellite TV subscribers.

Cable companies continue to grow monolpolistic empires sustained over 50 years by the wallets of subscribing consumers; definitely people you know, probably family members, and maybe even you.

Cable & satellite subscriptions rates are falling rapidly. The service is too expensive for most consumers. It's even too costly for the cable companies to keep up with, causing most consumer bills to continuously rise, sometimes in extraordinary fashion.

The overwhelming majority of consumers are moderately to highly dissatisfied by any combination of monthly price, overall value, service quality & customer support.

After cord-cutting many former subscribers remain unsatisfied.

More power, choice & money should be retained by consumers, and not gained by empires.

The need for a better solution for ALL is evident.


Large Crowd of People


NUCLIUS: A truly new TV experience

We're the creators of Nuclius, The Live TV streaming & Total Entertainment Solution.

Nuclius completely replaces and surpasses any cable or satellite service.

Nuclius is LIVE TV, local channels, sports, most popular channels, movies. Plus, all the features you'd expect & more.

Personalize your Nuclius experience by adding your favorite Apps for true total entertainment & productivity.

That's NUCLIUS! ALL you ever asked for and more.



The Future of TV

Nuclius TV is the future.

Nuclius is your Live TV streaming & total entertainment service.

Nuclius streams to your TV's HDMI port over WiFi®.

Familiar & easy remote control style operation.

Stream to your tablets and mobile devices too.

LIVE TV, local channels, sports, most popular channels, movies. All the features you'd expect & more.

Personalize your Nuclius experience by adding your favorite Apps like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify®, YouTube.

DRM certified to protect content owners & consumers.

That's Nuclius TV, all you ever asked for and more.


Family Members

Our Family Members receive each of the following benefits & more, for simply sharing information with friends, colleagues about Nuclius Live TV, The complete solution for all your streaming entertainment needs.

  • POWER TO THE PEOPLE: 70% of our profits are redistributed to Family Members
  • Minimum $100 coded bonus per referral
  • Residual income
  • Free equipment
  • Free service period
  • Locked-in, lowest Live TV prices for life

Review your opportunity to LOCK-IN lowest pricing & earn easy money for referring others


$100 US Dollar Bills


To learn more & qualify, watch our video, call +1 (234) 252 0030 or visit Triniti Communications International.

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