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The Last 50 Years

$240 Billion Market

Decades ago, a then new video entertainment market emerged & rapidly gained a massive consumer share. Fueled by social appetites for entertainment, the now mega market, grew exponentially over time to a high point presence in over 80% of U.S. households.

In the last decade, several compelling, complementary Streaming & Live TV alternatives have sprung up, yet the most competitive of these services fall short particularly for a select group of 55 million video entertainment subscribers. The overwhelming majority of these subscriber customers describe themselves as dissatisfied to angry about their experience in terms of cost-to-value, yet they remain.

2019 & beyond

Death of Cable TV

When measured on customer satisfaction, cable & satellite TV service providers are teetering on a cliff. Now what if, suddenly there was a new, best-in-class choice to manage all your video entertainment on all your devices? And, what if people were generously rewarded when they simply referred others to what they've thankfully discovered?

Prepare for imminent disruption! Nuclius® completely replaces and surpasses any cable or satellite TV offering including all the features you'd expect & more. Nuclius® is licensed, legal LIVE TV - local, sports, most popular, movie channels AND your favorite apps. ALL in one sweet package!

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Triniti Communications

Welcome to Triniti Communications International. Unify your World with NUCLIUS. Behold, the new era of TV. And, welcome to the Infiniti Lightning Referal System. Make Big Money, Quickly & Easily!  Triniti Communications is a company that does things right! Triniti Communications is a next-generation, digital communications & entertainment company. We have a suite of best-in-class products & services that will simplify & unify our world. We're an established company with a rapidly growing base of customers worldwide. NUCLIUS has been in development for several years and is now offically ready for launch.

What exacly is Nuclius?

Nuclius is the next generation of streaming Live TV. Nuclius has the clarity of Satellite TV, the dependability of Cable TV, the portability of VoIP digital phone, far more licensed, live TV  channels for much less than cable or satellite, and is a best-in-class 4K media streaming device with 4K/UHD, HDR, Bluetooh, WiFi, 3D-ready VR.

Next Generation

Behold the next generation of Live TV. Out with the old and in with the incredible. No more set-top boxes, high prices, terrible service, blackouts, contracts, installers or limiitations.

Watch at Home & Anywhere You Go

Stream Live HDTV at Home, on your Phone, on the Beach, while RV'ing, camping, boating, travelling & everywhere else.

Real Alternative to Cable & Satellite

Nuclius provides far more than FireTV®, Sony PS Vue®, Apple TV®, Roku® devices, etc. Enjoy hundreds of licensed, top-tier domestic, international and internet network channels. Enjoy low-cost Live TV with unmatched portability using the power of Google's Android® operating system.

Unmatched Live TV Experience

Take your Live TV to the ultimate level.

  • Hundreds of Live HDTV channels
  • The Best Programming Packages
  • Completely Portable TV service
  • Cloud-based DVR & Storage
  • Integrated Genesys VoIP Digital Phone
  • Rent Movies & TV shows in HD & 4K
  • Recommend or Gift Shows & Movies
  • Android & Apple smartphone & tablet device access

Take any HDTV to the Ultimate Level

Make all your Smart TV's, Genius TVs!

  • PRYZM™ App Store pre-installed
  • Powerful & Clear Video Calling
  • Video & Text Instant Messaging
  • Full Web Browsing on your TV
  • Seamless swapping between Live TV & Your Favorite Android® Apps
  • Flipsyde™ Full Keyboard Remote
  • Personalized User Profiles
  • Access thousands of Apps in 1-click

Massive Market = Phenominal Potential

The Pay TV Industry alone is a $240 Billion dollar per year market.

Get Your Share

Nuclius is a weekly income generation machine.

  • Generate substantial income from the redistribution of $240+ Billion dollars
  • Eliminate your monthly out-of-pocket communication costs completely
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  • Own a lucrative business in a recession proof industry in as little as one week.

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